About DistributorCentral

DistributorCentral is the Promotional Product Industry's only FREE tool for product placement and distributor search. Unlike other product platforms, DC allows suppliers total access to their products and pricing.

As obvious as that might sound, this is unique to the industry. Suppliers using DC agree to keep their products and prices updated so distributors are assured of having accurate data without having to verify or backtrack during the selling process. So yes, there is a one-stop shop where distributors can save time and money. That's to use DistributorCentral exclusively for product search, web hosting and order management.

For Distributors

  • Search for Products
  • Build Free Websites
  • Online Order Management
  • Invoice Your Customers
  • Online Proofing Tools

For Suppliers

  • Maintain Your Products
  • eCommerce Site Hosting
  • Email Blast Services
  • Distributors Access Your Products
  • Proofing, Order-entry, Invoicing

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